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Deep tech inspired by nature

We’re a Swedish deep tech company inspired by nature, because nature is the most technologically advanced ecosystem we know of. We have invented and manufacture a new carbon positive material, based on the principal of photosynthesis, transforming any light to clean energy.

Our vision is to restore the carbon balance of the planet by empowering people with endless energy.

Integrating self-power into everyday devices will change the perception of available energy and drive global change into a new age of innovation and sustainability.



We have Employees from all over the globe


Nationalities with English as main language


Annual solar cell production capacity for headphones

Endless possibilities

We strongly believe that any significant global impact can only be achieved through change of behavior. Our goal is to make this transition as effortless and natural as possible. That’s why we have focused all our efforts on designing a solar cell that is both beautiful and works in the same environments as people. The devices we love and use daily can now have endless energy through ambient light charging. This will lead to a natural association of light to energy, make users light conscious and disrupt the consumer electronics industry.

Job openings

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